One could be tired of big and noisy cities. Tired of crowds of people, of vanity, of furious rhythm of life. And it's grate that there is a very good remedy for such tiredness - traveling to the places, where life is quite and measured, where people know each other by sight and greet each other like good friends when meeting, where air is pure and fresh.
Kirillov is famous all over the world. Our unique Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery, because of it's architecture and dimensions, is included in the memorials. Without which one can not learn, understand and feel the Beauty of Russia. Even if we had the only one wealth - the Monastery, people from all the world would come here. The Kirillov district is also famous for the Ferapontov Monastery with its well kept frescoes by Dionisy, Goritsky Convent (Women Monastery), where at present monks begin to settle, Nilo-Sorskaja Hermitage.
Moreover, the big territory of the district is included to the structure of tne national Nature Park "Russian North". If you like forest, lakes and rivers, if you can find the peace in the nature, it means you'll find what you want in Kirillov.
It is very easy to get to Kirillov, because the town is connected with Vologda and Cherepovets by good roads, in summertime fright and passenger vessels go by two water systems Volgo-Balt and Sever-Dvinsky channel.
At present the Kirillov administration district includes town of Kirillov with population 8,8 thousand people and 15 village soviets. Population in countryside is 11,5 thousand people. There are no unhealthy productions, big industry enterprises in the district. It means, the we have good ecological situation. The main part of capable of working people of the district is engaged in agricultural and processing industry, as well as in services and timber industry. And we are going to save it in future, since the importance of preserving our invaluable cultural and natural memorials dictates the special style of life - working on the earth and it's ennobling.
Kirillov is a provincial town in the best meaning of the word "provincial". Even plenty of foreign tourists do not destroy the provincial character of our people : as it was before, we appreciate cordiality, kind deeds and hospitality. Welcome to our town and you'll be sure that it's truth.
We are ready to cooperate with everybody, who will love our town and our picturesque places.
Kirillov always is open for people with kind sole and kind intentions.

Череповецкий филиал


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